Christmas, Hanukah and Holiday Greetings to All Our Services Community Friends & Connections

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the site
not a system went down; every unit worked right.

The technicians were happy; their help desk was live.
And the customers were, too (between 9 am and 5!).

When out on the street, a van pulled to the door,
and a field tech arrived to do PM (and more).

The tool kit was carried, the system was open,
The fix would be short (what the customer was hopin’!).

With a tiny screwdriver, the fix went so surgical.
The PM was done – it was almost liturgical.

And the customer thanked all he knew were involved.
’Cause the system was up, and the problem was solved.

He thanked all his field techs and all CSRs;
for supporting the customers (along with the VARs).

He thanked @PollockOnService for its data and blogs;
and toasted his friends there with rum and egg nogs.

And then, it was Hanukah, and Kwanzaa, and Christmas,
with all systems still running (after all, it’s a business!).

All year long, we keep working for customer satisfaction,
and our support staffs make sure that we take the right action.

So this season make sure you thank customers and staffers.
“Happy Holidays to all – and with happy ever afters!”

Whatever You Celebrate, We Celebrate with You!

Happy Holidays to Everyone from Bill Pollock and Strategies For Growth℠

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