SFG℠‘s Customer Discovery Surveys

SFG℠‘s Customer Discovery Surveys allow you to “fix your customers” while you’re “fixing the system!”

We have been conducting these types of small scale, highly-focused surveys for some of our clients for many years now, and believe that they may also represent a viable lower-cost alternative for your organization to consider as well – particularly if you have a number of key and/or highly “vulnerable” customers, or if a full-scale customer survey program is not in the cards at this time.

In any case, these types of surveys are designed to generate detailed quantitative and qualitative data/information on a case-by-case customer basis, allowing you to “fix the customer” while you’re “fixing the system”. They seem to work best for companies with either a relatively finite customer base, or where a small number of customers represents an important component of the total customer base.

Some clients also prefer to survey their most valuable – or “vulnerable” – customers as a way of stopping major problems dead in their tracks, or preventing minor problems from growing larger.

The general rule of thumb is that in cases where we are able to survey a large enough sample of your customer base (e.g., let’s say 25 – 30 or more customers), we can also prepare a detailed analysis of the total respondent sample, thereby providing you with both a general customer base overview, as well as a set of individual, case-by-case, customer-respondent profiles – thus, the ability to “fix” the customers while you’re “fixing” the system.

SFG‘s Customer Discovery Surveys also go hand-in-hand with our Customer Relationship Case Study Profiles. To learn more about our specific survey methodology and approach, or to review a representative selection of the various types of customer-specific case study profiles that may be generated from these surveys, simply “click” below to navigate to a series of related web pages.

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