SFG℠ Research Analysis, Consulting and Thought Leadership Services

Strategies For Growth is a full service consulting firm that assists client organizations in formulating and implementing marketing and business plans, and provides a full array of general management consulting and market research services.Whether a client’s needs are related to strategic or marketing planning, business development, improving market awareness and customer satisfaction, new product or service feasibility assessments, operational or organizational improvement, relationship management, Business Process Evaluation/Reengineering (BPE/R), or the management consulting required to develop any of these initiatives, one of the following SFG consulting programs is available to assist in moving forward:

1. Strategic and Marketing Planning

SFG provides a comprehensive package of strategic and marketing planning assistance to client organizations ranging from business plan development through plan implementation and rollout.

SFG‘s strategic and marketing planning services help clients to identify and prioritize their most attractive market targets and opportunities; identify principal customer needs, requirements and intent to buy; measure current levels of customer satisfaction and develop targeted programs for improvement; evaluate new service or product offerings; and provide a full range of marketing support.

2. Research Analysis /Customer Satisfaction

SFG offers a variety of quantitative and qualitative market research and analysis services including both large-scale and segment-specific telephone, mail and e-mail surveys; in-depth, personal interviews; focus group analysis; market/competitive profiling studies; vertical market analysis and prioritization; market size, structure and trend analyses; and general market research and analysis.

3. Services Marketing, Promotional and Thought Leadership Assistance

SFG assists clients in developing the foundation for services marketing and promotional programs designed to gain a stronger market presence in targeted user segments. Whether based on the results of custom-designed market research, customer surveys, or the analysis of primary and secondary market data, SFG supports its clients with a full range of services marketing and promotional assistance, including the authoring of white papers, Website content, ghostwritten articles suitable for publication in pre-selected services trade journals, blogs, Podcasts, video interviews and Webcasts.

4. General Consulting and Advisory Services

SFG offers a broad array of business consulting and advisory services in the areas of strategic and marketing planning; market research and customer satisfaction surveys; operational and organizational planning; process evaluation and operational improvement; competitive market intelligence gathering and analysis; and general management consulting programs.

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