Measuring Field Service Success: The Essential KPIs

[The following are just a few of our quotes about Field Service KPIs, taken from the April 21, 2015 issue of Field Technologies. Read the full article to learn more about which KPIs you should be measuring, monitoring and managing at your services organization.]

  • “Overall, KPIs should be directly linked to the critical factors that drive the performance of the organization. If the metric is not directly linked to a critical organization success factor, it will probably not be worth the resources and dollar expenditures to collect and process. Regardless of how your organization defines KPIs, the following factors should always be taken into account: The KPIs must reflect, and relate directly to, the organization’s stated goals; be quantitative and quantifiable; and be linked directly to the measurement of the organization’s success.”
  • “Field service organizations (FSOs) aspiring to attain best practices do not merely look at outcomes, such as improving the bottom line or increasing customer satisfaction; they also look at ways in which to identify the root causes of major problems and leverage process improvement opportunities through the implementation of effective technologies and tools to support their resources both in the field and in the front and back offices that support them.”
  • “At best-practices organizations, which are attaining 90 percent or higher customer satisfaction and 30 percent or higher profitability, the average number of KPIs used is as high as 14. The key is to measure the right KPIs.”
  • “The basic rule of thumb is, simply, that you will need to measure and track any and all areas where your organization is consistently performing below expectations. Areas that require improvement need to be measured regularly — especially before, during, and after the requisite improvements are being made. Once you hit your goals on a consistent basis, and over a long enough period of time, the specific KPIs you have been using may be ‘retired’ from active duty. They can be reinstated if, and when, your performance in those areas begins to decline.”

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