What’s in a Name: What Does Your Organization Call Its Top Customer Service Executive?

I’ve been reviewing some of my LinkedIn Business Group connections over the past several days, and I was struck by the number of new, and somewhat unique, titles for executives that used to simply be called “VP of Customer Service”.

To me, “VP, Customer Care” always seemed a bit more soothing than “VP, Customer Service”. There are hundreds of customer service executives out there with this softer title – and I find that to be somewhat comforting. “SVP, Global Customer Solutions” seems a bit more clinical, and somewhat less cozy, by comparison.

However, I did find a few titles that, I believe, may say it all. The thing is, I’m not sure which is the most compelling. They include:

– VP, Customers For Life (SalesForce.com)

– VP of Customer Obsession (Voxeo/Aspect)

– Director, Services & Customer Success Enablement (Avid Technology)

I’d love to hear your comments on which of these titles sounds most convincing – or even better, if you have (or have heard of) an even more creative title.

Of course, the bottom line is really whether you can deliver the quality of customer service and support that blows the customer away – not simply how you title your executives.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every services organization titled itself appropriately? However, in that perfect world, I wouldn’t expect the organization headed by the “VP, Customer Neglect” to be doing very well.

Let me know what you think!

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